Temple B'nai Sholem is an independent Synagogue following to the tenets of Conservative Judaism. Our small St. Joseph, Missouri congregation is like a family, welcoming guests and strangers to share in the joys of Shabbat and the unique heritage of Judaism.

Lay leadership continues to provide for the religious needs of the congregation with members and a lay cantor leading regular Friday night services. Read our history to see how we've survived for over 40 years with and without a Rabbi.

B'nai Sholem offers a relaxed, family atmosphere that encourages all members to become involved in whatever manner they are able. As we adjust to the changing needs of our congregation, Shabbat services are being held every Friday night at 7:30PM at Vintage Gardens, 3310 NE Woodbine Rd. Following services everyone has a chance to socialize as we begin our Sabbath weekend.

Chapel In addition to our main sanctuary with seating for 300, our facility also offers seating for 45 in the chapel, a 2000 sq ft social hall with a full kitchen, and several classrooms and meeting rooms. Convenient curbside parking is available in addition to safe off-street parking in our adjoining paved parking lot.




High holy days

ShofarOn Wednesday evening, September 24th, AT 8pm, Rosh Hashanah services at Temple B'nai Sholem ushered in the Jewish New Year of 5775. Services were conducted by Steve Rosenak and Bob Ott, and we welcomed the addition of Dr. Stefan Offenbach. Accompanied by members of the congregation, our self-directed High Holyday Services have become a more meaningful and enriching spiritual experience that attempts to involve all our members. Guest sermons on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were again given by members of the congregation, a tradition that continues to bring a more personal message to the congregation for these holiest of days. Following the Wednesday night service you're invited to enjoy homemade desserts at our Rosh Hashanah reception, as well as our annual Break-the-Fast following the concluding service of Yom Kippur on Saturday night, and the friendship of our regular Friday night Shabbat service at Vintage Gardens.

The annual New Years Bulletin was mailed in mid-September to provide you with all the dates and times for this year's holiday services. View this year's bulletin here or as a pdf.



Rosh Hashanah

Rosh HashanahL'Shanah Tovah! (traditional greeting "for a good year") The official start of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah is also recognized as the Biblical beginning of recorded history: tracing lineage throughout the Bible back through time, using the literal ages and lifetimes, the exact age of humanity on earth is determined. Hence, worldwide, Jews begin the year 5775 at sundown on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, continuing through Thursday and concluding at sunset on Friday. Services will be held at B'nai Sholem in the Main Sanctuary Wednesday evening and Thursday. Unfortunately there will not be a second day service held this year. Thus begin the Ten days of Awe, the days of repentance, as we prepare ourselves and "set things right" for the Day of Atonement: Yom Kippur.



Yom Kippur

treeYom Kippur begins on Friday evening, October 3rd with the chanting of the traditional Kol Nidrei prayer just before sunset AT 6:45pm. This 25 hour period of fasting and prayer concludes the Ten Days of Awe and repentance that we began on Rosh Hashanah. On this, the most solemn of all Jewish Holy Days, we have one last chance to plead our case, individually and as a community; to show that we have truly repented for our sins and ask tyo be inscribed and sealed in the "Book of Life". Join us for the annual community Break-the-Fast following the concluding service on Saturday evening.




torahSuccot, a week-long period remembering the humble abode of the Jews as they wandered the desert, is celebrated from Wednesday evening, October 8 through 15. Literally meaning "booths" it is incumbent upon Jews to perform the actions of "living" within the temporary structure. The week concludes with the festival of . . . .




torahSimchat Torah is celebrated Thursday evening, October 16. Torahs are traditionlly paraded around the sanctuary to song and dance as we celebrate the conclusion (and renewal) of another Torah-reading cycle. After the final Chapter of the Torah is read, we continue on with the first and begin anew showing that it is never-ending.



Hannukah-The season of miracles

torah Hannukah begins with the lighting of the first candle on Tuesday evening, December 16. This minor holyday period, celebrates the miracle of not only a one-day's oil lasting for eight days, but also the success in battle of a small band of guerillas over a larger Greek army. The story behind the holiday is related in the Book of Maccabees. The holiday is celebrated with the addition of one candle each night to a nine branched menorah (hannukiah), and foods fried in oil (especially potato pancakes known as latkes). Contrary to common the common misconception that it is the "Jewish answer to Christmas", Hannukah is rather a celebration of just the opposite when the Maccabees refused to assimulate and accept or adopt tenets of another religion. Locally, the Jewish Community Sisterhood made up of members from both St Joseph Jewish congregations holds a latka party at Temple Adath Joseph to celebrate the holiday. The 2014 Hannukah Dinner will be held on December 19 at 7:00 following regular Shabbat services at 5:30. Make reservations with Anna Schwarz (390-2212) or Diana Smith (232-8007)





LOCATION ALERT! Our change of venue to VIntage Gardens has been a big hit and we continue to hold Friday noght Shabbat services with our homebound members residing there. The east-side location is also easier to get to for many who attend. With winter approaching it is always possible that we sometimes find it necessary to cancel our Shabbat service due to bad weather, the dangers of travel, and otherwise lack of attendance. If you are planning on visiting us call 248-4248 to let us know your plans and we can verify services are being held. We always try to send out a text notice as soon as we know there are changes in the schedule. YOU CAN ALSO CHECK THE LEFT PANEL FOR NOTICES OF LATE CHANGES.

We invite you to join us and enjoy the family spirit of Judaism at Temple B'nai Sholem throughout the year. There is plenty of available seating for Shabbat. For a full listing of scheduled service times, see our activities page or leader schedule.

Special Message

Bob Ott President Bob Ott - As many of you are aware, my work schedule prevented me from attending Friday night Shabbat services. My thanks to Vice President Dr. Steve Rosenak for picking up the slack and serving as Cantor and arranging for services to be held at Vintage Gardens as a convenient alternative for some of our elderly and homebound members. With the acceptance of a new job, my schedule has pretty much returned to normal and I am pleased to be back. My thanks to everyone for understanding and supporting Steve and the recent changes. I look forward to seeing you on Friday night at Vintage Gardens. If you would like to be notified of late changes in our service schedule, send me a cell phone text to 248-4248 and I will add you to my text message group.

Shabbat Schedule September through December 2014

Vice Pres. Steve Rosenak -
Leaders and volunteers for the months of September through December, are listed below. If you would like to be the leader of a Friday night service or just present a guest sermon contact Shul Vice President, Steve Rosenak (816-646-1101). The sisterhood can always use additional help preparing and serving for the weekly Oneg following Friday night's service, so feel free to contact one of this month's volunteers to see what is needed, to be added to the regular list, or just pitch in if the mood moves you.

  • September Circle: Julie Miller, Beverly Cohen, Carol Housh, Sandy Rosenak, Marcia Powell, Harriet Smolly
  • Sept. 5, Shabbat: Leader - Anna Hill; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Sept. 12 : Leader - Elaine Zidell; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Sept. 19: Leader - Steve Rosenak; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Sept. 24/25: Rosh Hashanah; Leaders - Steve Rosenak, Bob Ott, Stefan Offenbach
  • Sept. 26: Shabbat Shuvah; Leader and Cantor -Bob Ott
  • October Circle: Rose Mazvinsky, Bernice Day, Kismet Eveloff, Marsha Rosenthal, Linda Kozminski, Grace Day
  • Oct. 3/4 Yom Kippur: Leaders - Steve Rosenak, Bob Ott, Stefan Offenbach
  • Oct. 10, Shabbat: Leader - Sherrie Ott; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Oct. 17, Shabbat: Leader - Marsha Conant; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Oct. 24, Shabbat: Leader - Julie Miller: Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Oct. 31, Shabbat: Leader and Cantor -Bob Ott
  • November Circle: Sherrie Ott, Dorathea Polsky, Marsha Conant, Elaine Zidell, Shirley Greenwald
  • Nov. 7, Shabbat: Leader - open; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Nov. 14, Shabbat: Leader and Cantor - Steve Rosenak
  • Nov. 21, Shabbat: Leader - Marsha Conant; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Nov. 28, Thanksgiving weekend: No Services
  • December Circle: Julie Miller, Beverly Cohen, Carol Housh, Sandy Rosenak, Marcia Powell, Harriet Smolly
  • Dec. 5, Shabbat: Leader - Marsha Conant; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Dec. 12, Shabbat: Leader - Julie Miller; Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Dec. 19, Shabbat: Leader and Cantor - Bob Ott
  • Dec. 26, Shabbat: Leader - Elaine Zidell; Cantor - Bob Ott